TPA Juara!

On Friday, February 28, 2020, Teladan Prima Agro (TPA) held “The Champion TPA Transformation Program” event at the company’s Jakarta Head Office and Samarinda Representative Office (Live Streaming). During the event, the Company’s Vision, Mission and Values ​​that have been set by the Management were communicated to all employees.

As a form of Management’s commitment to the realization of the company’s transformation program, various initiatives that are part of the transformation program are also carried out, including:

1. Implementation of Internalization of the Company’s vision, mission, and values ​​with the workshops, role play, and evaluation (pre & post-test).

2. The Change Champion Program (Program Sang Juara Perubahan).

3. “TPA Champion” Logo Design Competition.

The implementation of the internalization of the Company’s vision, mission and values ​​involved 365 participants from the Jakarta Head Office and Samarinda and Regional Representative Office who were divided into 16 batches.

To provide better understanding of the internalization material, the participants were invited to do a Pre & Post Test regarding the material presented. On average there was an increase of 24.9 points from the pre-test score value (59.2) to the post-test score value (84.1). Based on the above achievements, it can be concluded that participants’ awareness and understanding has increased significantly with an overall average progress of 42% after the internalization efforts.

The benchmark for the success of internalization is also reflected in the results of the post-test participants, where on average the overall score has reached more than 80%. The next target is to ensure that all employees fully embed the vision, mission, and values ​​of the Company (100%) to their daily practice. Evidently, commitment from all stakeholders is also needed to jointly realize the company’s values.

In the implementation of this internalization, each participant is asked to write down examples of work activities that reflect the 7 values ​​of the Company (Integrity, Humanist, Harmony, Professional, Excellent, Innovative, Proactive). For Teladan Prima Agro’s employees, the implementation of three out of the seven company’s values, namely Harmony, Integrity, and Humanity, ​​in the work environment is the easiest. This is demonstrated by the large number of internalization participants who wrote examples of work activities related to Harmony (200 participants), Integrity (179) and Humanist values ​​(124).

The implementation of this internalization was rated highly positive by each participant, this is demonstrated by the results of the survey that was conducted. The average survey score from this activity is 3.45 out of a scale of 4, or the achievement is 86% on a percentage scale.

As part of the Champion TPA Transformation Program (TPA Juara), an internal company initiative was also established to support the successful implementation of the series of programs, namely “The Champion of Change” used to promote the change agenda, support the active participation of all employees at Teladan Prima Agro, to help ensure the value of -Company values ​​are applied to daily work behaviour. The number of employees who have registered as the Champion of Change is 55 candidates. These candidates will be selected for further evaluation and determination as the Champion of Change.

In addition, to attract the attention of employees so that they actively participate in the TPA Champion Transformation Program, a “TPA Champion” logo design competition was also held. The chosen logo design will later be used as a “branding” for the Champion TPA Transformation Program campaign throughout Teladan Prima Agro’s work environment. The number of employees who participated in this competition was 23 people.

(By: Vision and Mission Internalization Team)

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