TPA Commits to Not Involving and Employing Children

Pekanbaru: Since its inception, PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN), or TPA, has committed to not involving and employing children in operational and non-operational activities. This aligns with the Company’s adherence to business practices that comply with applicable regulations.

As a result of this commitment, TPA has obtained a Certificate for the Commitment of Palm Oil Plantation Sector Companies Not Involving and Employing Children, issued by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of Manpower Supervision and Occupational Safety and Health.

The certificate for the commitment of palm oil plantation sector companies not involving and employing children has been obtained by all subsidiaries of the Company operating in the East Kalimantan Province, including:

1. PT Inti Energi Kaltim

2. PT Telen

3. PT Tanjung Buyu Perkasa Plantation

4. PT Multi Jayantara Abadi

5. PT Sawit Prima Nusantara

6. PT Telen Prima Sawit

7. PT Cahaya Anugerah Plantation

8. PT Gemilang Sejahtera Abadi

Ahmad Harmain Lubis, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Section at TPA, stated that this commitment has been established in the Sustainable Palm Oil Policy, the Company’s policy in prioritizing sustainability principles.

“Within the Sustainable Palm Oil Policy, TPA has the 5th policy, which involves providing fair wages and social security guarantees to every worker, not employing children, and protecting children. We hope that in the future, with this certificate, TPA can continue to commit to implementing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects, especially in the social dimension,” said Harmain.

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