TLDN’s Net Profit Increased by 108.5% yoy Until Q3/2022, Surpassing the FY2021 Achievement

JAKARTA, 25 NOVEMBER 2022 – PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN) has recorded positive financial performance in the nine months of this year. The company reported that the net profit realization through the third quarter of 2022 totaled Rp 560.47 billion, up 108.5% from Rp 268.78 billion in the same period last year. This figure surpassed the achievement of a full year’s net profit in 2021 by 5.5%.

“CPO is the biggest contributor to TLDN’s revenue during the January-September 2022 period, amounting to Rp 2.21 trillion, higher than the same period in the previous year due to the higher average selling price of CPO by 19.9% yoy,” said Wishnu Wardhana, President Director of PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN).

Meanwhile, the Company also recorded the realization of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of Rp 957 billion by the end of September 2022, growing 17% yoy. In addition, TLDN’s total assets during January-September 2022 increased to Rp 5.42 trillion from the previous period of January-September 2021 which was Rp 4.84 trillion.

In line with the achievement of financial performance, TLDN’s operational performance from the plantation side, namely the production of nucleus Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) also recorded a growth of 5.6% in the nine months of 2022, or the equivalent of 758,507 tons. The increase in nucleus FFB production was mainly supported by the third quarter/2022 performance of 306,909 tons, growing 17.6% on a quarter to quarter (qtq) basis and 26.8% higher yoy.

Then for mill performance, the Company reported that the realization of FFB processed during the January-September 2022 period was 957,891 tons, growing 5.8% compared to the January-September 2021 period of 905,680 tons. The Company recorded CPO production of 214,743 tons, growing 4.1% yoy and PK production was 35,640 tons, soaring 13.2% yoy.

“We are optimistic that both financial performance and operational performance in the end of 2022 will grow positively compared to 2021. We will continue to improve operational performance by utilizing the Teladan Productivity Technology Science (TPTS), which applies the Internet of Things (IoT), satellite data, and remote sensing. This application is built using the data on lagging indicators (output) and leading indicators (input) as an innovation to maximize productivity and operational efficiency. Moreover, we are also digitizing our sustainability effort through the Teladan Green Metrics (TGM) application. These two innovations have enabled us to balance economic and sustainability values,” said Wishnu Wardhana.

Balancing Financial, Operational and Sustainability Performance

As the financial and operational performance of PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN) continues to grow, the Company has proven its commitment to balancing business economic values with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. This is reflected in the implementation of the ESG web application, Teladan Green Metrics (TGM), which has been deployed by the Company in 2022.

As of the end of November 2022, TGM houses nearly forty ESG datasets in an integrated relational database consisting of more than ten million records. The TGM application also has live ESG dashboards to display decision-analytics, emerging short-term and long-term trends, and it generates a variety of reports needed periodically by the company.

TLDN’s Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, represented by Shakeb Afsah explained that the data set is updated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually as required. To reach these milestones, TPA mobilized the necessary organizational resources, including multi-disciplinary teams consisting of in-house and international experts in the fields of ESG, public policy and economics, agronomy, IT, programming, applied statistics, and automation.

In order for this ESG digitization to run effectively, the Company implements several key elements, such as: creating an ESG governance structure; building a data culture in TLDN; managing talent and skill needs; compiling enterprise-wide integrated databases, shared platforms, and  AI for analytics and data quality control; developing proprietary algorithms and automation applications related to ESG and productivity management; and improving data acquisition systems for timely analysis and reporting.

“TGM is an online app that provides data and analytics on sustainability management. It helps in standardizing and integrating ESG data, thereby cutting transaction costs, enabling collaboration across teams, and improving operational efficiency across the company,” said Shakeb.

About PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk

PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk is an agribusiness focused on managing sustainable palm oil plantations, mills, and renewable energy. Operating since 2004, PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk manages 60.512 Ha palm oil plantations which located in Berau Regency, East Kutai Regency, Paser Regency, and Kutai Kartanegara Regency in East Kalimantan. The Company produces crude palm oil(CPO) and palm kernel from its 6 (six) palm oil mill, with total capacity of 330 tonnes of FFB/hour.

PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk is committed to become a sustainable palm oil plantation company that support environmental preservation, build a synergistic relationship with nature, and protect biodiversity through zero burning policy, waste management, managing conservation areas and becoming a pioneer in rescuing as well as protecting wildlife.


Please visit our website for more information:                                                                                                                                     or contact:  Fabelyn B. Walean – Head of Corporate Communications, PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk 

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