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At Teladan Prima Agro, we acknowledge that our employees are our greatest assets. We believe that the company’s success cannot be separated from the role that our people play within our organization. As we continue to grow, Teladan Prima Agro provides professional opportunities by equipping our people with the right skills, knowledge and competency to advance within their careers.

Teladan Prima Agro fully supports the development of our people’s capabilities such that we conduct various internal and external training. Develop your career with us to open more avenues to acquire industry insights and increase self-competence. Together, we can collaboratively develop Indonesia’s agribusiness landscape to realize heightened progress and welfare for the nation.


Teladan Prima Agro provides many opportunities for professional and personal development. We believe that by bringing together diverse talents to create a solid, professional, and trusted organization centered on human capital is key to its success in facing the dynamism of the industry.


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