Head Assistant Mill and Logistics Operations


  1. Bachelor’s Degree of Mechanical / Electrical / Architect / Civil / Industrial Engineering.
  2. Have at least 5 (five) years in Mill Managerial experience.
  3. Having K3 certification is preferred.
  4. Have capabilities in handling Project, Waste, Operational, Waste, Strategy and HR management.
  5. Physically and mentally healthy fit.

Job Description:

  1. Manage and supervise the availability of raw materials and resources for Mill operations and logistics.
  2. Responsible for coordination and supervision of planning, implementing and reporting on plant machinery maintenance and logistics activities.
  3. Develop policies, systems and mechanisms for managing production results and quality control.
  4. Examine, analyze, and implement logistics systems and policies.
  5. Oversee cost-effective practices on every factory and logistics operation.
  6. Responsible to coordinate and analyze the annual budget.
  7. Oversee all factory and logistics operations with an understanding of sustainable environmental control.

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