Field Assistant


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture or Forestry.
  2. Have at least 2 (two) years experience in the field of Oil Palm Plantations.
  3. Physically and mentally healthy and fit.

Job Description:

  1. Prepare budget planning related to production and costs accurately.
  2. Implements efforts to increase plantation productivity in accordance with the established budget.
  3. Ensure the operation of plantation activities runs cohesive and smooth between afdeling or with other units related to communication, coordination, and collaboration.
  4. Conduct the implementation of plantation management to the assigned afdeling in accordance with SOP and budgets that has been set.
  5. Implement the plantation activities oriented to environmental aspects and K3 in accordance with external and internal regulations.
  6. Organizing the creation of plantation activities in accordance with corporate governance and social & environmental responsibility.
  7. Fostering the process of strengthening and regeneration of human resources.
  8. Report data and information both internal and external related to plantation activities that are fast, precise and reliable for the decision-making process by management.

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