Accounting Officer


  1. Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting.
  2. Have at least 2 (two) years experience in related fields.
  3. Having an understanding of palm oil financial models & business processes is a plus point.
  4. Physically and mentally healthy fit.

Job Description:

  1. Record daily and monthly transactions carried out by the company in accordance with applicable standards and procedures.
  2. Make recommendation or idea based on findings from the analysis of account usage trends and financial statement transaction trends to superiors.
  3. Providing assistance to related business units that record transactions and financial statements.
  4. Prepare consolidated reports, reconciliations, general ledger changes and company cash flows every month.
  5. Prepare formats, account mapping and guidelines to make accounting and financial reports that can be accessed openly within the company after approval from superiors.
  6. Provide information services about general accounting and financial for the intenal company besed on Head of Accounting Departement approval.
  7. Provide accurate, precise and fast accounting and financial reports on schedule to support management in the decision-making process.

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