Sustainability Initiatives

Rescue of Orangutan

Teladan Prima Agro is deeply committed to actively contribute and collaborate with various parties to conserve orangutan populations and realize the importance of preserving and conserving biodiversity. Orangutans are among the 25 most endangered primate species in the world and must be protected. Currently, the world’s remaining orangutans can only be found in Kalimantan (Pongo Pygmaeus) and Sumatra (Pongo Abelii). This fact has prompted TPA to become the first plantation company to collaborate with ECOSITROP (Ecology and Conservation Center for Tropical Studies) and Mulawarman University in creating “Orangutan Conservation and Strategic Action Plan to Save Orangutans”.

In collaboration with East Kalimantan’s BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center), Teladan Prima Agro has formed an Orangutan Rescue Task Force. The task force is responsible for rescuing, rehabilitating, relocating, and releasing orangutans to natural tropical rainforests untouched by humans. This partnership is part of TPA’s continuous endeavors to protect rare and endangered species and a way of conserving natural rainforests ecosystems.

Work Flow of Orangutan Rescue Task Force