Sustainability Initiatives

Workers Prosperity

Referring to the principles set by ISPO and the regulations mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Teladan Prima Agro focuses on 5 principles of responsibility to its employees, namely, worker health and safety, no employment of minors as well as no discrimination against workers, the facilitation of the formation of labor unions, the facilitation of the formation of employee cooperatives, and the implementation of other provisions in accordance with regulations.

Workers’ Health and Safety

Teladan Prima Agro believes that our employees are our company’s most important assets. Therefore, we prioritize workers’ health and safety throughout our business operations. TPA creates policies that minimizes workplace accidents, fatalities and other negative health impacts.

By implementing one of our corporate values namely Humanism, TPA is not only committed to provide safe, healthy and comfortable, workplace environment to support conducive business activities but also provides other types of benefits. Besides providing personal protective equipment, TPA also provides health care facilities such as health clinics and proper living facilities for its employees.

The company’s subsidiaries was awarded Zero Accident Award 2009 – 2017 for its strong commitment in prioritizing worker health and safety. Zero Accident is an award given by the government to companies that succeeded in implementing outstanding health and safety programs to prevent workplace accidents without eliminating optimum productivity levels.

Inclusion and Empowerment

Operational effectiveness and efficiency result in high productivity and competitiveness for the company. Teladan Prima Agro understands that the main prerequisite for achieving competitiveness is by optimizing the role of workers supported by a conducive work environment, supporting facilities, and various worker empowerment initiatives. In the work process and decision-making, TPA also listens to workers’ voices through unions. Apart from implementing the Manpower Law, TPA also provides other supporting facilities such as housing, health clinics, worship fac, sports, education, and cooperatives. Training is also provided to employees to improve self-competence, either at the TPA’s training center or in collaboration with other parties.

TPA also realizes the importance of protecting women, gender equality, and women empowerment. We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and have in place systems that manage “Sexual Harassment Complaints” and “Protection for Whistleblowers”. Currently, 75% of TPA’s subsidiaries have Gender Committees set up to promote female participation and advancement in the workplace. TPA also empowers women workers through the company’s skills training programs and support their craftsmanship.