Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Policy

In carrying out its business processes, Teladan Prima Agro factors in the environment and surrounding communities as a major consideration for its operations and decision making. TPA is focused on strengthening its contribution to the palm oil industry by providing high quality products that is derived from sustainable practices as outlined in its Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

Comply with laws, regulations, and other necessary requirements in conducting business activities.

Implement best practices and make sustainable improvements to cultivation practices, production processes, health and safety of our workers, and company hygiene.

Realize zero burning policy and practices throughout our operations and progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

No development on high carbon stock (HCS) forest areas, no development on peat lands, and manage high conservation value (HCV) areas.

Provide a suitable wage and social security for every worker, do not employ children, and provide protection to children.

Provide equal employment and career advancement opportunities and treatment regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, disability, and political views, and prohibit all forms of forced labor.

Provide freedom of/ facilitate association activities, respect the rights to bargain collectively, and encourage the formation of cooperatives.

Respect and protect human rights and prohibit intimidation, violence, sexual harassment, and protect women’s reproductive rights.

Carry out honest business behavior and social responsibility, and respect community rights as well as local wisdoms.

Prohibit all forms of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, and support efforts to prevent, eradicate, and disclose information on violations of transparent business conduct.

Support and/ or facilitate smallholders in the supply chain.

The emphasis on sustainability is reflected in TPA’s vision and is integrated into the Company’s Long-Term Plan (RJPP) 2020 – 2024 as high sustainable performance is set as the theme for the company’s strategy in 2023. This strategy demonstrates the company’s commitment to increase its productivity not only to boost its financial success but also as a form of its environmental, social, and economic responsibilities.

TPA’s commitment to becoming an environmentally and conservation-friendly palm oil company is carried out by adhering to stringent sustainability standards. Referring to Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO), the policy for sustainable palm oil governance in Indonesia, TPA implements the principles imposed by ISPO to optimally maintain and continuously improve its sustainability efforts. In addition to fulfilling the standards set by ISPO, TPA’s subsidiaries also participated in the Indonesian Ministry of Environment’s national environmental reporting initiative known as the Programme for Pollution Control, Evaluation, and Rating (PROPER). The program uses a colour-coded rating to assess the Company’s performance based on a variety of indicators. TPA’s subsidiaries passed the PROPER assessment by obtaining the Green (Hijau) rating as the Company successfully carried out environmental management initiatives that exceeded the minimum requirement set by the government of Indonesia.