Transparency & Accountability

Teladan Prima Agro berkomitmen untuk mengimplementasikan transparansi dan akuntabilitas perusahaan dalam mendukung usaha keberlanjutan, serta membangun kepercayaan diantara seluruh pemangku kepentingan.

Workers Prosperity

Referring to the principles set by ISPO and the regulations mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture
of the Republic of Indonesia, Teladan Prima Agro focuses on 5 principles of responsibility to its employees, namely, worker health and safety…

Community Involvement & Development

Teladan Prima Agro forms partnerships with local communities through a plasma cooperation
scheme under a legal cooperative. Under this partnership, Teladan Prima Agro provides technical assistance and other support …

Rescue of Orangutan

Teladan Prima Agro is deeply committed to actively contribute and collaborate with various parties to conserve orangutan populations and realize the importance of preserving and conserving biodiversity. Orangutans are …

Environmental Management System

Tropical forests are important stores of carbon, are rich in biodiversity, and are sources of livelihoods for many communities. Operating in Indonesia
especially on the island of Kalimantan places Teladan Prima Agro near areas with an…

Sustainability Policy

In carrying out its business processes, Teladan Prima Agro factors in the environment and
surrounding communities as a major consideration for its operations and decision making. TPA is focused on strengthening its contribution to the
palm oil industry by providing high quality…