Corporate Governance

Principles and Corporate Governance

In running its business, the Company pays attention to and adheres to the principles of good corporate governance as stipulated in the regulations of the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

The Company believes that the implementation of good corporate governance is important, which also serves as a guide in making wise decisions and being accountable to interested parties (stakeholders). In addition, the Company believes that the consistent and sustainable implementation of good corporate governance will provide benefits for the Group’s business.


All information that can be accessed by all stakeholders in accordance with their authority while still paying attention to personal rights based on laws and regulations


The principle of responsibility within the organization is in accordance with the vision, mission, and objectives of the TPA targets.


Commitment to implementing prudent practices and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. As well as responsibility and commitment to efforts to conserve the natural environment and social care efforts.


Decision-making is carried out in a professional manner that is free from influence or pressure from any party.

Fairness and Equality

Equal treatment for employees for a career and carrying out their duties professionally without discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity, or physical limitations.

Article of Associations and Amendments