Corporate Governance

Board of Commisioners

Iwa Kartiwa Hudaya
Independent Commissioner
Widiyanti Putri
Indracahya Basuki
President Commissioner

The Board of Commissioners as the part of the company’s organ must be a good model for each and all personnel under the Company. The tasks and function of this Company’s organ must be performed in good faith, will full responsibility and high dedication for the sake of progress and sustainability of the Company. 

It is expectedly that the good corporate governance in the Company is not only to fulfill the provisions of the prevailing legislation, but can also expectedly realize good corporate governance principles namely transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and equality in all activities of the Company consistently. 

Based on OJK Regulation No. 33/2014, the duties and authorities of the board of commissioners are as follows: 

  1. Conducting the supervision for the interest of the Company to the management conducted by the Board of Directors, both on the Company and the Company’s business activity, including the tasks specially given to it in accordance with the resolution of GMS, decision of the Board of Commissioners and/or prevailing legislation;
  2. Examining, analyzing and approving the Annual Statement prepared by the Board of Directors, and ensuring that the Company’s Annual Statement has contained the information on the identity, job, main responsibility as well as position of the relevant members of the Board of Commissioners in other companies (if any), including the meetings already held by the Board of Commissioners  in one fiscal year (both the meetings of the Board of Commissioners  and the joint meetings of the Board of Commissioners with the Board of Directors), as well as honorarium, facility and/ or other allowance received by the members of the Board of Commissioners of the Company;
  3. Reviewing, analyzing and providing advice and approval for the proposal on Company Long Term Plan provided by the Board of Directors at the latest 30 (thirty) days prior to the commencement of the subsequent 5 (five) years period;
  4. Reviewing, analyzing and providing advice and approval for the proposal on Action Plan and Budget of the Company provided by the Board of Directors at the latest 30 (thirty) days prior to the commencement of the subsequent fiscal year;
  5. Supervising the implementation of the Company’s Long Term Plan and Action Plan & Budget as well as providing the evaluation result and opinion to GMS;
  6. Observing the development of the Company’s activities and providing the opinion and suggestion for the Board of Directors, in accordance with the tasks of supervision, for any issues deemed important in the Company management, including the important issues which will expectedly highly impact the business and performance of the Company, timely and relevantly;
  7. Monitoring the effective practices of the good corporate governance applied in the Company as well as giving advice to the Board of Directors in performing the practices of good corporate governance consistently and according to Company Values. The result of such evaluation will be reported to GMS;
  8. Providing the Board of Directors with the suggestion, expectation, issues and complaints conveyed by the Stakeholders to the Board of Commissioners for follow up.
  9. Establishing the Audit Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee according to the prevailing legislation in the capital market.
  10. Examining and analyzing the reports of the committees of the Board of Commissioners of the Company.
  11. Holding the meeting of the Board of Commissioners at least once in 2 (two) months in accordance with the prevailing legislation.
  12. Maintaining the confidentiality of data and/or information of the Company.
  13. Providing the report on the supervision tasks already conducted during the previous fiscal year for GMS, together with the suggestion.
  14. Improving competency and knowledge sustainably to perform its tasks as the Board of Commissioners professionally.
  15. Informing the Corporate Secretary on the shareholding in the Company including any change to be reported to the regulator according to the prevailing legislation.
  16. Informing the Corporate Secretary each and all titles in other company including other listed company, including the titled in the committees existed under the Board of Commissioners of other listed Company (if any).
  17. Performing other obligations in the frame of supervision tasks and advice providing, provided it does not in contravention of the prevailing legislation, the Company’s Articles of Association, and/or resolution of GMS of the Company.

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