Wishnu Wardhana

Wishnu Wardhana is President Director of PT Teladan Prima Agro since 2021, previously he served as President Commissioner in 2016-2021, and Vice President Commissioner in 2012–2016. He also sits as President Commissioner in several of PT Teladan Prima Agro’s subsidiaries since 2004. In addition, he holds other strategic positions, such as President Director of PT Teladan Resources since 2004and PT Teladan Properties since 2003. He also is the Commissioner of PT Indika Mitra Energi since 2005, and President Commissioner of PT Mahaka Industri Perdana since 2015.

Wishnu Wardhana has accumulated extensive experience in the energy sector and is an instrumental figure in developing one of the largest integrated energy companies in Indonesia, namely PT Indika Energy Tbk that was successful in its Initial Public Offering in 2008. During his tenure at PT Indika Energy Tbk, Wishnu Wardhana served as President Commissioner (2016-2017), President Director (2014-2016), and as Director (2007-2014).

Moreover, Wishnu Wardhana served as President Commissioner of PT Indika Intri Corpindo (2016), PT Indika Multi Energi (2013-2016), PT Indika Infrastruktur Inventindo (2013-2014), PT Indika Indonesia Resources (2011-2016), and Vice President Commissioner of PT Petrosea Tbk (2013-2014). He also held positions as Commissioner of PT Indika Multi Daya Energi (2012-2016), PT Indika Energy Infrastructure (2010-2016), and President Director of PT Indika Inti Corpindo(2008-2016).

He was Commissioner of PT Santan Batubara (2009-2017), PT Kideco Jaya Agung (2006-2017), PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk (2013-2014), PT Tripatra Engineers & Constructors (2012-2014), and PT Tripatra Engineering (2007-2012). Wishnu Wardhana also was Director of PT Mahaka Industri Perdana that developed calcium oxide mine 400 MTD in Freeport, Papua (2000-2005).

Wishnu Wardhana also plays a vital role in strengthening Indonesia’s business community as he continuously plays an active role in various national and international business organizations. Wishnu Wardhana served as Trustee within the Board of Advisory of KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in 2015 – 2021. Prior to his position as Trustee at KADIN, Wishnu Wardhana was Vice Chairman of the Energy Department at KADIN from 2010 to 2015. Among his many accomplishments, at the age of 39, he was a candidate for KADIN Chairman in 2010. Wishnu Wardhana served as Deputy Chairperson for Nonbank Financial Institutions, Insurance, and Capital Markets (2009-2010) and served as Secretary-General of RI-US Chamber of Commerce (2004-2009).

In 2012, Wishnu Wardhana was mandated to head the APEC CEO Summit 2013 and was the Head of APEC Advisory Business Council (ABAC) Indonesia according to Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia No. 79 M of 2012.

Wishnu Wardhana earned his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Economics from Pepperdine University, California, USA, in 1993.

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