Core Business

Renewable Energy

To strengthen it’s production process and reduce non-renewable energy consumption, Teladan Prima Agro also engages renewable power generation through one of it’s subsidiaries namely PT Daya Lestari.

PT Daya Lestari’s renewable energy business is currently focused on utilizing palm oil waste as fuel to generate electricity used for the operational needs of Teladan Prima Agro’s palm oil mills. Any excess power generated is channeled to third-party consumers through the transmission network operated by PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to meet the electricity demands of the surrounding communities within Teladan Prima Agro’s vicinity.


Since 2013, PT Daya Lestari has distributed 200-450 KW of excess electricity from the Talisayan Mill to PLN, which is then distributed to the Talisayan and Biatan Districts.

In September 2014, a Purchase Excess Power Agreement was signed for residual electricity from PT Telen’s palm oil mill, namely Pengadan Baay Mill (PBM) and PT Telen Prima Sawit’s palm oil mill, namely Muara Bengkal Mill. Through PLN, Teladan Prima Agro supplies the excess electricity generated to surrounding communities located in Karangan and Muara Bengkal Districts.

PT Daya Lestari “waste to energy” conversion process results in significant cost savings for Teladan Prima Agro and serves as a complement to Teladan Prima Agro’s oil palm plantation and processing activities. This practice is also part of TPA’s zero waste management policy that aims to minimize the Company’s impact on the environment.

Turning Waste into Energy

Renewable energy is energy that originates form sustainable natural processes such as solar power, wind power, water flow, geothermal and biological processes and is environmentally friendly. ​

TPA utilizes the shell and fiber from the palm oil mesocarp as fuel with is used to heat the water in the boiler so that it produces a temperature and steam pressure that is able to rotate a steam turbine. The steam turbine functions as a Prime Mover to turn the generator so that it produces output in the form of electrical power. ​

Strengthening Business Activities in the Renewable Energy Sector

Within the near future, Teladan Prima Agro through PT Daya Lestari is well prepared to become an Independent Power Producer by developing a Biogas Power Plant (PLTBg) as part of its renewable energy business segment. Liquid waste from Teladan Prima Agro’s palm oil mills accommodated in retention ponds, also called Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), will be utilized more optimally through methane capture facilities. The methane gas captured will then be used to generate electricity