Core Business

Teladan Prima Agro’s Business & Development

Oil Palm Plantation & Mill

Teladan Prima Agro manages and cultivates 60,497 hectares of oil palm plantations (including 20% of plasma land) in the East Kalimantan Province as an integral part of its upstream plantation business activities. Teladan Prima Agro transforms the fresh fruit bunches collected from its nucleus and plasma oil palm plantations into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK) in its six palm oil mills as part of its processing activities. Teladan Prima Agro’s mills are located close to the plantations owned by the Company and have a combined processing capacity of 335 tonnes of FFB / hour.

Renewable Energy

To strengthen it’s production process and reduce non-renewable energy consumption, Teladan Prima Agro also engages renewable power generation through one of it’s subsidiaries namely PT Daya Lestari.

Research & Development

Teladan Prima Agro’s s research and development (R&D) activities are carried out by the Research Department, which operates under the coordination of the Assurance, Integration & Improvement Division. The research department plays an important role in finding innovative solutions and providing recommendations for improvements in productivity efficiency and environmental preservation.